Surrendering A Dane



Surrendering a Great Dane

We are first and foremost a Rescue. Our primary purpose is to care for abused, neglected, abandoned, and endangered Great Danes. If you know of a Dane in need of urgent and immediate attention, please contact us at

We also know that pet owners sometimes feel the need to surrender their pets. This can be a very stressful decision and we are happy to discuss issues and process with you. Our first goal would be to help you find a way to keep your family pet or to give you some pointers on ways you can find a new home for your Dane.

Training a Great Dane is not optional. It’s not their fault they are big with long tails and sometimes muddy paws. As responsible pet owners, we have an obligation to train and love these animals. An untrained, unsupervised, unattended dog of any kind or size will act out. They are seeking affection and attention wouldn’t you? Add their frustration to their size, and you could have a real problem. But it still may be one you can solve.

All dogs need training, boundaries, and clear expectations from their owners. They also need daily walks, regular feeding, fresh water, and toys to call their own. They also need time spent with you. It’s like having a young child. You must take responsibility for their care and well being.

We recommend contacting a certified trainer who may be able to assist you with behavioral issues. Go to and check out the trainers in your area.  If a trainer uses outdated training methods such as leash pops, scruff shaking, and dominant stares, find another trainer.  Look for a trainer who is well versed in modern training methods based on scientific research and who understands and uses classical and operant conditioning, desensitization and positive reinforcement training.  Dogs can be affected by stress and medical issues, and act out as a result. We suggest you contact your veterinarian for an evaluation before a final decision to surrender is made.

If however, circumstances simply cannot be improved to allow you to keep your Dane, a volunteer will discuss the issue with you. Please be prepared to answer our questions with complete honesty. Our goal is to find these Danes new homes, the more we know about the dog, the better our results at placing the dog will be.

Because we are a Rescue and space is limited at our facility, your dog may be put on a waiting list and prioritized accordingly.

Requirements for Surrendering a Dane to GDRC:

Surrendered dogs must:

  • pass an evaluation (no agression or bite history)
  • be surrendered with a signed surrender agreement, giving GDRC ownershiip of the Dane
  • come with copies of all records pertaining to the dog, especially vet records

We also encourage you to help us find your dog a home more quickly by making sure:

  • your dog is up-to-date on all shots (check local stores for low-cost vaccinations)
  • your dog is neutered/spayed
  • your dog has had a recent vet wellness check (including current heartworm test)
  • you provide good quality, clear, close up pictures of your Dane

We ask for a donation to help cover costs associated with rehoming your Dane, including any emergency or vet care that may be required.

Please remember that we are helping YOU to place a dog.  We are not profiting from you or your dog.  Anything that you can do to help us place the dog only benefits your dog.

Please note:  If your dog has bitten even once, please do not put other innocent people at risk by not disclosing that information.  GDRC CANNOT, for the safety of people just like you, adopt out dogs that bite.  We can recommend other potential avenues for you and will try to be a helpful resource.

If you need to discuss a possible surrender, please email details to:, we will do our best to contact you within 48 hours.


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