dog volunteerThe Great Dane Rescue of the Carolina’s depends largely on the efforts of our volunteers. It is people like you, who volunteer their time, energy, and knowledge, who make a major difference in the lives of these gentle giants. It is also enormously rewarding to save a Dane, and to see them placed in loving and caring homes to live happy lives.

We hope you’ll consider volunteering with us in some of the following areas:

  • Groomers
    • Bathing and grooming to keep the dogs clean and feeling fresh!
  • Interacting and exercising
    • Spending quality one on one time with the Danes to develop their love and trust for people
    • Keeping the Danes exercised and well-socialized with people and other animals is crucial for their health, and for finding their new forever homes.
    • Help the Danes learn and maintain doggy manners
  • Greeters
    • Introduce visitors to our Danes
    • Help acquaint visitors to our adoption process
  • Transportation
    • Transporting Danes to and from vet appointments
    • Transporting new Danes to GDRC’s facility
  • Fundraising events
    • Help out during fundraisers.
    • Have other ideas for fundraisers? Let us know!!!
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Administrative Activities

In order to volunteer with GDRC, you must be at least 18 years of age.  All volunteers must sign a release of liability, and attend an orientation session.

If you want to give a hand to help these four legged friends please fill out the Volunteer profile.  This application will help us better know you and what you can do for our wonderful dogs.

Want to be a volunteer?  Email Us at  rescuegreatdane@outlook.com or attend our next volunteer orientation, find out how here.


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