Our History

Our Mission:

Dedicated to placing abandoned Danes from North and South Carolina in safe environments where they can receive the care and affection they deserve.

Our adoption philosophy is simple:

“We find people for Great Danes, not Great Danes for people.”

Though our primary focus is on Great Danes, we may occasionally rescue another large-breed dog from a harmful situation.

Great Dane Rescue began when animal lovers and owners of their own Great Dane, Don & Lisa Reid, were searching for a new location to make a home for their family. In a ditch alongside the road they noticed a Great Dane. It was barely breathing. Severely emaciated and near death, the Reid’s knew they had to take quick action. With the assistance of a family veterinarian they saved the animals life. After spending more than a week at the vets office, Lisa and Don took the animal home and continued the recovery and rehabilitation.

Realizing there was a greater problem than just the single Dane they rescued, they began research and quickly learned of an alarming number of abandoned Great Danes in our community and took action. Ultimately, Don and Lisa purchased property to establish the rescue and moved their home to oversee the care of these animals. Don and Lisa Reid have devoted their time, money and love into education and awareness of caring for large breed animals and finding homes for those less fortunate. Over the years, Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas has placed many Great Danes in homes. We hope you will consider becoming the next proud owner of A Gentle Giant.


The rescue will show dogs by appointment.  Please call our hotline (704-697-9706) to schedule an appointment to meet our adoptable dogs.


Please contact us if you need information for donation or corporate matching purposes.

Contact us: Email: rescuegreatdane@outlook.com – we are 100% run by volunteers – we will do our best to contact you within 48 hours. Thanks in advance!

Visit the Rescue:

visitusGreat Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. will show dogs by appointment. Please call our hotline (704-697-9706) to schedule an appointment to meet our adoptable dogs. Please check the Events Calendar for details on this and other special events. Volunteers will be available at each appointment to introduce you to the available Danes, answer your questions or take applications for adoption.

We love pets, but we ask that you leave your pets at home on the first visit. Animals, like people, have unique personalities and we want you to get acquainted with each animal one on one. Once you have made your selection and are in the adoption process, we can discuss the plan to introduce your dog to his or her new friend.

Any pet brought to the rescue must be on a leash.


About your visit:

You MUST sign-in before touring our facility.

  1. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  2. DO NOT put your hands inside any pen and NEVER allow children to put their hands inside any pen.
  4. DO NOT allow children to run and shout. Although, this is perfectly acceptable behavior at a playground, such behavior may be unsafe in a rescue environment.
  5. DO NOT, in any way, tease or try to excite the animals.
  6. NEVER open any pen door/gate.
  7. NEVER enter any pen without a volunteer to assist you.
  8. The horse pasture and barn are off limits to visitors. However, the restroom next to the barn is for visitors. Children MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times
  9. Our volunteers are here to help you. Please ask for assistance if someone doesn’t offer.
  10. If you see an orphaned dog that you are interested in, notify a volunteer, who will assist you in spending time with the chosen dog. Our volunteers will also answer any questions you may have.
  11. If you do not find the right dog for you today, please continue to check on our “Available for Adoption” listing. New orphans come to GDRC all the time.


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To see our adoptable dogs:

Call us to schedule an appointment.

Our Contact Information:

Ph: 704-697-9706
Fax: 704-498-4944