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From time to time the rescue will receive animals that may be in need of special care or temporary homes.  This could range from young puppies to animals with chronic illnesses or injuries with a long convalescent period.   Since housing space at the shelter is limited and these animals most often do better in a home environment, foster homes can be a good alternative.  It is also our hope that foster care will give these animals the chance to grow up or recover from their injuries and be placed up for adoption in permanent loving homes.

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, please Contact Us with your interest.  You must be a volunteer (in good standing for at least 6 months) with the rescue before you can foster.  You will then be asked to complete a Foster Application before we approve placement of a dog in your care.

You can also fill out an online application to become a foster for these wonderful gentle giants.

Foster Application.

For more information on fostering a rescue dog, please email us at


  • Participation in the program is entirely voluntary and there will be no monetary compensation for time involved.
  • Under normal circumstances all necessary resources such as medication, vaccinations and animal crates will be provided to the foster parent by the rescue.  Of course these resources will vary with the medical condition.
  • It is the foster’s responsibility to notify GDRC if the animal needs medical attention and get instruction on course of action.  If foster parent decides to take the dog to personal vet for medical attention, they will assume the financial liability for visit.  
  • The foster caregiver will provide daily necessities for the animal, i.e. food, bedding, toys, bath
  • Foster animals will never be left outside unattended.  The foster parent may walk the animal outside on a leash or may be out in a secure fenced-in yard on a limited basis.  Animals must be made available for open houses and appointments.
  • Caretakers may be required to surrender any and all animals upon request by the rescue.  Reasons for such a request include:
  1. Separation from rescue
  2. The fostering guidelines are not being followed
  3. The animal is deemed to be at risk

The fostering volunteer assumes all risk of injury to person(s) or property resulting from the fostering of any animal(s) and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas for any and all injury to any person or property resulting from the fostering of the animal(s).

 If the foster family decides to adopt, they must follow adoption procedure and make the appropriate donation to GDRC.


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