Application Process

Application Process – Adopting a Gentle Giant:


beautifuldanefaceIt’s easy to fall in love with a Great Dane. When you do, we want to make sure you understand the process for adopting a Great Dane from our rescue.

Unlike many animal shelters, we do not do same-day adoptions. Adopting a large-breed animal should never be an impulse decision. Caring for an animal who as been rescued for any reason may require extra time and attention. They will definitely require a place to run & play safely, training (or retraining) on some of their manners, and people who love them. Our goal is to be a matchmaker for you and the Dane you love.

We encourage you to visit with the Dane during our open houses on more than one occasion. As you narrow down the selections, bring your children or other pets for a visit to be sure everyone gets along. We recommend bringing children and other pets separately.

When you have made the choice to Adopt A Gentle Giant, the following process will take place:

  • Submit your Application
    • Click here to fill out the application
    • Vet Checks and/or Reference Checks will be completed
    • Home Inspection will be completed (Our adoption range is limited to a 3 hour drive one-way.)
    • Application must be signed and dated to be considered.
  • Once approved, there will be a recovery fee
    • Great Dane Puppies up to 2 years: $450
    • Great Dane & GD mixes 2 – 6 years: $350
    • Great Dane & GD mixes over 6 years: $250
    • All other mixed breed dogs: $250
    • All other purebreed dogs: $250 adults, $350 puppies
  • Complete the adoption contract. You must review and agree to the terms and conditions of adoption
  • Take you friend home!

The GDRC Board reserves the right to make the final decisions in all adoption approvals.

Conditions for Adoption:

All prospective adopters must go through an application and interview process, personal and veterinary references before an adoption can be approved. Not all applications will be approved.

There is a recovery fee when adopting one of our dogs.

We require at least 2 visits between prospective adopters and the Great Dane to best evaluate the fit between dog and human family.

After the initial visit, we request that the potential adopter bring other members of the family (both human and canine) to meet the orphaned Great Dane.

If you have a problem with your adoptee (health issues, behavioral issues, etc) you are invited to contact Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. for advice, or suggestions to correct these issues.  Remember you are rescuing an animal — training & patience will be required!

Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. retains the right to check on adoptee’s health, care, housing and well being as long as the animal is alive.

  • If conditions are deemed dangerous for the adoptee by the board of Directors of Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc., ownership of the adoptee will revert to the Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc.

All Great Danes adopted through Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. are spayed or neutered. If for any reason one of the Great Dane Rescue adoptee is not spayed or neutered at the time of placement, it becomes the responsibility of the new owner to have the procedure completed within 60 days of this agreement.

  • Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas must be contacted when this is completed.

All prospective adopters must provide a fenced yard for the adopted Great Dane when it is not indoors.

All prospective adopters are required to provide appropriate health care, regular immunizations and year-round dosing of heartworm preventative to the adopted Great Dane.

If for any reason an adopter feels they can not keep their adopted Dane, it must be returned to Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc.

The adoptee cannot be traded, given away, sold or at any time left with anyone with the intent of establishing new ownership.

When the adoptee dies, Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. must be notified immediately with details of the time, place and manner of death.

  • Documentation from a veterinarian is required.

Violation of any of the conditions of adoption constitutes a breach of contract with Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. and ownership of the adoptee will revert to Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc.

  • Once ownership of the adoptee reverts back to Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas, Inc. for breach of contract, no refund of the recovery fee will be made.

For more information on Adopting a rescue dog, please email us at


826762_68199627Note to adopters: Lassie and Cleo and Rin Tin Tin and Toto don’t show up in rescue. We don’t get the elegantly coiffed, classically beautiful, completely trained, perfectly behaved dog. We get the leftovers. Dogs that other people have incompetently bred, inadequately socialized, ineffectively “trained,” and badly treated. Most Rescue dogs have had it. They’ve been pushed from one lousy situation to another. They’ve never had proper veterinary care, kind and consistent training, or sufficient company. They’ve lived outside, in a crate, or in the basement. They’re scared, depressed and anxious. Some are angry. Some are sick. Some have given up. But we are Rescue and we don’t give up. We never give up on a dog. We know that a dog is a living being, with a spirit and a heart and feelings. Our dogs are not commodities, things, or garbage. They are part of sacred creation and they deserve as much love and care and respect as the next Westminster champion. So please, please don’t come to rescue in the hopes of getting a “bargain,” or indeed of “getting” anything. Come to Rescue to give, to love, to save a life — and to mend your own spirit. For Rescue will reward you in ways you never thought possible. I can promise you this — a rescue dog will make you a better person!


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