A Dane In Our Lives

Miss Lily


My husband and I have always had a love for giant breed dogs. We lost our St. Bernard in 2012 to bone cancer. We knew for sure that we wanted to adopt another big girl! During our search, a friend asked if we had ever thought about a Great Dane and mentioned the Great Dane Rescue. We immediately got on your site and after a few minutes found Lily. The information given about her stated that she had suffered a horrible eye injury and would never look like other Danes, but had a heart of gold. We knew we had to bring her home…you see, we take the bruised and broken ones and give them a life they deserve. In the weeks following, Lily had surgery on her eye and was treated for heart worms. She is now a happy member of our family! She may not look like a prize winning Dane, but she sure is a treasure in our eyes!

Brandon & Mindy Pope


Jade’s Story


I adopted a boxer/pit/lab mix from your rescue in December of 2009 named Jade.  Jade had just had 13 puppies before my husband and I adopted her. It has been 2 years now and we could not be more thrilled with her. I just wanted to say thank you for taking her in when the other rescue dumped her on you, and her thirteen babies! Thank you for saving this wonderful and special dog that has enriched our lives so much. When you took her in, she was heart worm positive and very bedraggled. We had some ups and downs (one episode of her launching herself at our full length mirror to attack the dog in the mirror who was being very dominant and she could not have that in her house) but now I am pleased to say she is completely heart worm free and has no health problems! She has never been as healthy, active and happy as she is now and I just wanted to say thank you! We moved with her to Michigan in October, along with her new little sister, a Chihuahua named Ein, who adores her big sister.

Jade is SO happy with the snow. She gets frisky and races around in the snow banks and likes to chase after snow balls, even though they always disappear on her! Jade also loves being near my friend’s toddler. Jade is a baby dog. She follows babies she sees on the street, she goes to little kids just so they will pet her. She likes to lick their hands since most toddlers usually have some food on them somewhere. She is very gentle with little kids and she is just waiting for the day when we start our own family. Her toddler friend has dubbed her the “goo dog” (good dog).

jade2Jade is the dog who cuddles with me to take naps, who loves her belly to be rubbed, who warms my feet in the winter, who plays so gently with a tiny little Chihuahua, who looks like a Pit Bull but is so gentle with babies, people, little dogs (she takes more time with big dogs, but she can be nice to big dogs too) so that people start to realize how maybe their preconceptions about dogs who look a little scary, like her, can actually be so sweet and special. We now live
where a lot of people walk so we are getting Jade a pink collar, so little kids and parents can feel more confident in approaching her. The cute little dog in the fuzzy coat walking next to her helps, but we think the collar will help the big dog who just wants pets to get more love too!

Thank you again for rescuing my best friend.

Marcy, Jade and Ein


We recently received a wonderful story about a Great Dane named Forrest (Fo-Fo).  The story touched us so much that we asked Forrest’s owner if we could share it on website.  Here is Forrest’s story:

Forrest_likes_going_for_car_ridesForrest was a 6 year old Merle Great Dane who I adopted from a rescue when he was 6 months old.  This is Forrest on the surface.

Let me tell you about Forrest and who he was.…

In all of 6 years, Forrest had 4 surgery’s (all with which had long recovery periods), took multiple medicine every day of his
life and was on a first name basis with our vet.  Forrest was strength, love and persistence.

I could go into all of the medical issues Forrest had throughout the years of his life.  But my focus is on the bigger picture.

Yesterday, I had to make the one decision that no pet owner should ever have to make.  I had no idea that when I took Forrest to the emergency vet, that I was going to be going home without him.  He had a possible perforated ulcer which had become life threatening and let to incredible bloat is his abdominal area.  The potential of him surviving the extremely costly surgery to save him, was less than 50% and if he survived the surgery, his recovery survival was even less.  I knew, that Forrest already being sickly, would suffer through the
surgery.  And I didn’t want him to suffer any longer.

You see, Forrest knew how happy he made me.  He saw, that through all of his physical struggles, that I would do anything to give him a full life that he deserved.  He and I had many moments together after surgery’s or on days when he wasn’t feeling good when I would embrace him and love him and try to keep him strong to get to the next good stretch.  I am convinced that my dog would have undergone any struggle just to keep me happy.  I can’t tell you enough- how many times through his pain – that he would still be wagging his tail.  When he would see me – it was instant.  He lit up.  And that’s what he did for me.  He lit up my life.

I struggled financially to keep him healthy.  His medications cost quite a bit each month and all of my savings went to him.  All I ever wanted for Forrest, was to experience and know love.  And it is unreal to me- how in the end- it is what I am left with.  Love.  He left me with love.

Forrest is a hero to me.  He is a true example how I want to lead my life.  I want to always be strong, happy and love everyone and everything to the fullest.  I want to provide unconditional love like he did to me- to everyone around me…Always.

Upon Forrest’s passing, I posted a special message with his picture on facebook.  80 + comments were what followed.  Comments about Forrest from people who have never met my dog but only saw him in pictures and statuses.  They knew his struggles.  And through something so simple as Facebook, my dog touched people’s lives.  For those who did meet Forrest, they called him things, like the Gentle Giant.  He was wonderful with my friends children, loving to strangers (as he never knew one) and really just had such a warm glow that was contagious.

Forrest brings me something so dear to my heart from his passing: A lesson of love.

His death has brought people to me who I haven’t talked to in years. For those who experienced the same thing as me, he brought empathy and sympathy. He inspired status messages about prayers and loving the animals that you still have while you can. He brought to light that animals do have souls. And that all dogs go to heaven. I know, Forrest will be a hero in my God’s eyes as he completed his mission of love just as he was sent to. So even though it hurts more than words can describe, I am left with an overwhelming sensation of how God graces us with his presence, in even the simplest of forms: our unconditionally loving pets.

Especially one named Forrest.

In memory of you my dear little Forrest.

I love you.  And thank you for showing me what this chance at life is all about.



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